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From deep in the windswept and rainsoaked hills of Nashville, Tennessee come Rainsticks, who will henceforth be known as the 7th greatest band in music city that includes two Jews and a 12 string. The band is led by Asher Horton who came up in the highly communal and incestuous Nashville garage rock scene of the 2010s. From that launching point Horton has carved out a niche for himself as a member of numerous acclaimed combos over the last decade, most notably Sun Seeker, Fox Fun & Big Surr. In Rainsticks he is joined by Ben Parks (Sun Seeker) and Nick Swafford (Teddy & The Rough Riders). After releasing their debut LP Elkmont in 2018 they've been hard at work recording and gigging in an effort to work out material for their now realized second LP, October Onwards, which is stylistically positioned somewhere between Laurel Canyon and Athens, GA. Their goal (which is set to be achieved very shortly) is to inspire world peace and harmony with nature through jangle pop.

Stay tuned friends...


"Elkmont is a rich pop record in the vein of Big Star, late era XTC and plenty of dashes from familiar late 70’s influences. However, comparisons to big established namesakes does the record a disservice as it’s not an homage or a direct lifting of any particular sound, it’s a whole-y distinct undertaking in itself...Elkmont is immediately giving on first listen and even more rewarding with each additional spin." - We Own This Town

"The other day I was listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash, and wondered what they'd sound like if the trio were on the scene today. Lo and behold, today I stumbled upon the indie/psych/pop group Rainsticks on Bandcamp. Fronted by Asher Horton, not only does the band bring back the best of old-school pop, using the same layers of vocal harmonies and basic instruments as the Beatles and the Beach Boys, but there's also a hint of psychedelia. This album is one to listen to from front to back, preferably through a stereo, on a Sunday. The music will wash over you like the afternoon sun." - The Deli Magazine



"Damn I'm never gonna put this down... (October Onwards is) a perfect record" - Casey Weissbuch (Diarrhea Planet/Mitski)

"Your favorite new local band." - Third Man Records

Elkmont listed by Wilco in their list of favorite LPs from 2018 --> https://twitter.com/wilco/status/1079040909612859399?lang=en

"It's just fantastic." - WBEZ's Sound Opinions in reference to Elkmont on their Jan. 10th 2020 Buried Treasures episode

"Back in 2015, local rocker Asher Horton treated the public to Mystery Bones, a gem-like collection of psych-pop home recordings he'd been making since 2012, on which he played the vast majority of instruments himself. In August, he released a new suite of tunes under the name Rainsticks titled Elkmont...It's a much more polished affair than its predecessor, but Horton doesn't lose the air of wonder or chiming 12-string melodies that have been hallmarks of his work." - Nashville Scene